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CarWise Northwest

Bill Graham, Broker


Serving Clients Nationwide

What is CarWise?

CarWise Northwest is an Auto Buyers and Sellers service owned and operated by Bill Graham. Bill works with clients locally in the Portland Metro area as well as across the country. He loves leading people through the car-buying process and then making all of the arrangements for a stress-free and enjoyable, sign-and-drive buying experience.

The CarWise Difference:

Not just a Good Deal - the RIGHT Good Deal, a CarWise Good Deal!

Bill makes sure you are really getting what you need, want and prefer, and that both the vehicle and the deal make sense. Part car-geek, part financial analyst, and 100% unbiased and objective Bill will help you make wise decisions leading to greater ownership satisfaction and the best value today as well as years from now when its time for your next vehicle.

Why Hire CarWise to help with your next vehicle purchase?

The short answer to this bottom-line question is...your bottom line!  Bill guarantees that his service will more than pay for itself by saving you the time, stress and hassle of doing it all yourself, by helping you make better decisions through better information, and by the hard dollar savings that can only come through years of experience and the right connections.

The CarWise Guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with the service and savings, we'll completely refund our compensation for a full 30 days after your purchase! Why do all the work and take all the risk by yourself when you can hire an expert who guarantees your savings and satisfaction?